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Clinical Psychology


Clinical Psychology


Clinical Psychology – Evaluation and Therapeutic Intervention

What is Clinical Psychology?

Clinical psychology, at the confluence of psychology with medicine, is a theoretical and applicative branch of the psychological sciences system, but also a field of professional activity that is oriented towards the optimization of people’s psychic resources and adaptability, harmonizing psychological development, health caring, dealing with suffering and psychic rehabilitation.

What does clinical intervention mean?

  1. Psychological diagnosis and clinical evaluation
  2. Intervention and psychological assistance:
  • Counselling and supportive therapy
  • Psycho-education

What tools do we use in the clinical evaluation process?

  • The clinical interview
  • Psychological tests

What is a Psychodiagnosis?
Clinical psychological diagnosis aims to identifying the psychological states of disease and healthy as well as the psychological mechanisms that cause the disease or on the contrary, maintain mental health and produce healing.

There are at least five benefits of diagnostic activity:

  1. Utility for treatment planning
  2. Implications for prognosis
  3. A responsible diagnosis encourages ethical communication between the therapist and his potential clients. Based on a careful assessment, we can give the customer what to expect, thus avoiding too much promise or giving hope
  4. Facilitating empathic communication from the therapist
  5. Its role in reducing the possibility for some patients to abandon treatment

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