Trauma Therapy

The aim of trauma therapy is to support the client in the process of relieving suffering caused by loss and trauma (through the completion of the phases of the traumatic process or by mourning the loss). See more


EMDR Psychotherapy

During an EMDR therapy session, the psychotherapist will use lateral eye movements (or sounds or touches of the hand) as an external stimulus to facilitate the access and processing of memories of traumatic events and other experiences. See more


Clinical Psychology

Clinical psychology is a field of professional activity that is oriented towards the optimization of people's psychic resources and adaptability, harmonizing psychological development and psychic rehabilitation. See more


Work Psychology

Psychological evaluation in order to be hired or maintained on the same job (periodic evaluation), at the request of the competent institutions, according to the authorized legislation. TAll tests that are part of the custom battery are licensed for use. See more


ABA Therapy

ABA is a technique that evaluates the environment in which a person lives, then makes certain changes, in order to produce significant improvements in human behaviour. ABA is not a specific therapy only for autism spectrum disorder. See more

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