You don’t speak Romanian? No problem! Here, at PsihoHelp we provide psychotherapy services in both English and Spanish!

The cost of a 45-minute session in English or Spanish is 200 lei, paid after each session.

The cost for children, teenagers and students is 140 lei/session.

The cost of couples/family psychotherapy, in English or Spanish, for a 50-minute session is 150 lei/person. Sessions are individual, psychotherapy is done concurrently with 2 psychotherapists, meetings can be held at the same hour or at different times, depending on the preference, and the disponibility of the psychotherapists.
  • The benefit of working with a psychotherapist with multiple possibilities of intervention
  • The privilege of being in contact with yourself, in an adequate and secure therapeutic setting
  • Understanding and processing psychic conflicts
  • Discovering and activating the inner resources, for a better adaption to the problems of everyday life
  • Developing new abilities to deal with current or future events or situations
  • Supportive counselling according to your needs
  • Psychological assistance in crisis situations
  • A guaranteed place every week, on the days and time agreed


  • Supportive therapy and psychotherapy for people diagnosed with cancer or other chronic diseases (cardiovascular, diabetes and hyperthyroidism)
  • Therapeutic counseling and family members who support a person with a severe diagnosis or progressive incurable disease

Generally, the duration of psychotherapy is between 6-20 sessions, which take place over a period of months, at a frequency of once or twice, up to 5 times a week, depending on your choice, needs, and goals which we will establish together. In general, the most important changes take place in the first 10 to 12 sessions.

The first therapy session can range from 45 minutes to 75 minutes without additional cost. In all other cases, the duration of an individual meeting is 45 minutes.

If you happen to cancel the meeting on the appointment day, you will pay that meeting in full, because that hour has been specifically booked for you.
Canceling the sessions at least 48 hours in advance removes you from any financial obligation.
Exceptionally, the paid and unpaid time can be recovered in another day and time, but only if there is a place available.

PsihoHelp assumes no obligation to recover an unfulfilled and paid hour except to the extent that this availability exists.

Discover more about the connection between mind and body, how psychotherapy can help you overcome a difficult period or childhood trauma, how to better manage emotions and how to keep stress under control. Browse the information on the site and send the contact form to PsihoHelp with your message or questions, either to make your appointment.