Nadina Nicoară M.A Psychotherapist CBT,
Clinical psychologist

Painful, traumatic experiences can make you feel lost and disconnected from others and the world. This can create an internal conflict between your part that yearns to be warmly accepted and the part that feels terrified to receive warmth and affection.

I’m here to remind you that you have everything you need inside you. There is a healthiness that exists already in you, waiting to be reclaimed.

Our healing capacity is something that we are born with. Old patterns that until now have been designed to protect us will gradually reorganize through the internalization of new experiences during the therapy. As we feel deeply understood, our whole body, our mind will begin to react positively to new experiences with warmth, presence, and acceptance.
The labor, through which we will pass together here and which is not easy at all, it is teamwork, collaborative, because only together we can create a safe space to explore the problems of your trauma or other issues that kept you from finding your inner peace and joy of living.

I have worked with individuals focusing on restoring clients from a variety of issues ranging from:

  • emotional / physical abuse
  • panic attacks
  • insomnia
  • attachment difficulties
  • family conflict
  • dissociation
  • anxiety and depression
  • acute stress disorder

In our sessions, the client is better understood and begins to realize how his trauma affects his life. The goal of trauma therapy is to support the client in the process of relieving the suffering of loss and trauma.

During the healing process, people who feel lonely, misunderstood and isolated often begin to reconnect with themselves and their loved ones.

My story…

When I first thought about psychology was a very special moment in my life. Since then, everything has changed and my desire and curiosity have turned into a passion, and passion has become a continuing education in this area.
Life’s experience taught me that pain and anxiety have no age, it does not matter if you are a man or a woman, but it is important to have someone to join you, someone to guide you with dedication, in your effort to feel better and better and to heal you.

Among the most common human sufferings are anxiety, depression and traumatic experiences, that require effective, personalized treatment, supported by researches in the field and progresses made so far in psychology.
My specializations and my continuous training in psychotherapy (Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy, Trauma Psychotherapy, Psychoanalysis, and EMDR) assure me multiple possibilities of intervention, personalized solutions for every person coming here and greater chances of achieving lasting results.

I am a clinician in private practice and a psychotherapist, certified in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, a member of the Romanian Psychologists College, MA of the University of Bucharest, with the specialization in “Psycho-traumatology and psychological assistance”, psychoanalytical therapist in training, within Insight, the Association for the Promotion of Theoretical and Clinical Psychoanalysis, counsellor for personal development, trainer and licensed in Law.

Edhit Sîrbu
Clinical Psychologist

“I am a living person.
Nothing of my humanity
is strange for me.
I barely have time to wonder
that I exist, but
I’m always glad I am.”
(Nichita Stanescu)

When we have fears, complaints or inner conflicts, we don’t always succeed to clarify ourselves, so, in this case, we need help to make sense to our daily experiences.

Only within this therapeutic framework, we can understand, together, with empathy, tolerance and emotional freedom, the painful aspects of your life, so that patterns of thoughts and relationship to become aware and no longer to constitute barriers to your wellbeing and personal and professional development.

Here, we can offers benefits to people experiencing the following:

  • depression, anxiety, panic attacks and phobias
  • emotional crises: sexual life, separation, divorce, mourning
  • isolation and lack of human relations
  • addictions: alcoholism, drugs, gambling
  • eating, behaviors, personality disorders
  • stress management
  • understanding the experience of motherhood and paternity

If you want to make profound changes in your life, I am here and I can assist you in your approach, having the chance to discover who you are, how you can explore your inner labyrinth and how to sustain the changes that will take place.

My story…

I am a clinical psychologist, member of the Romanian Psychologists’ College and a psychoanalytic therapist in training, at Insight, the Association for the Promotion of Theoretical and Clinical Psychoanalysis, where I acquired the knowledge and necessary skills for this profession. Continuous formation in this area and personal, long-term, analysis have strengthened my skills required for a professional. At the core of my experience are also complementary activities of personal development counselor, trainer, coaching and mentoring programs in multinational corporations. With each client, I discovered the uniqueness and complexity of the human being, this experience helping me enrich my knowledge as a psychotherapist.

Cristiana Cuvinciuc
Clinical psychologist

„You can not really bend on the human, if you do not have a mystery in which to be initiated”
(Emil Cioran)

My concern as a therapist is to provide specialized help, to assist, support and help children and adolescents in their efforts to understand themselves better, to face their own obstacles, fears and motives of concern in an open way and to acquire and maintain both emotional well-being and a healthy lifestyle.

It is advisable to look for a psychologist when the child:

  • is afraid and is scared
  • suffers from enuresis
  • he wakes up often at night and cries
  • has frequent crisis of anger and manifest violence
  • has poor results at school
  • it is aggressive with other children
  • has no friends
  • he gets sick easy and frecquently and the results of medical investigations do not indicate any illness

The teenagers also may face some difficulties, such as:

  • desire of self-assertion and differentiation from others
  • fight for their own independence
  • the influence of friends and the environment in which they grew
  • the temptation of alcohol, cigarettes or drugs
  • friendship with the opposite sex
  • starting intimate relationships

So far I have worked with children and adolescents, with:

  • Autistic Spectrum Disorder (TSA)
  • hyperactive attention deficit disorder, ADHD
  • oppositional disorder
  • conduct disorder
  • reactive attachment disorder
  • Down syndrome
  • specific developmental disorders of speeach and language

During the therapy sessions, a personalized intervention plan is developed for each child or adolescent. In addition to child recovery, therapy sessions aim the happiness and wellbeing of the child.

My goal is to meet the development needs of the child diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorder or other developmental disorders. The child goes on the therapeutic process in a friendly environment, combining structured learning with incidental learning methods and generalizing the information.

My story…

I am a clinician in private practice and a therapist in Behavioral Analysis Techniques Applied in Autistic Spectrum Disorders, a member of the Romanian Psychologists College, MA of the University of Bucharest, with the specialization in “Psycho-traumatology and psychological assistance”. I graduated ABA Therapy Program and Autistic Practice at the Help Autism Association.

Working with children consolidate my believe that I made the right choice when I chose to attend the Psychology University. Participating in numerous courses and conferences in the field, as well as the practice of ABA Therapy (Applied Behavioral Analysis), ARTTERAPY AND SOCIALIZATION GROUPS for children have contributed to my professional development and the accumulation of experience in this field.

Teodora Marcu
Clinical psychologist
Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapist

Be the change you want to see in the world.

Always fascinated by people and human relationships, I chose the profession of psychologist to reduce the distance between me and me, between me and people. After graduating from the faculty I attended the master’s degree in Communication Techniques and Social Influence and deepened the human study through the Master’s degree in Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy. The picture of couple and family relationships was shaped by the knowledge accumulated in the formation of systemic therapy.

No matter where I am, I like to listen and put into practice everything I have learned during these years; I like to offer value through the work I do and enjoy the results with those involved in the therapeutical process. I believe that all our lives we have to learn and the best teachers are the people next to us, unique and complex, who offer countless soul challenges and rewards.

My story…

I am a psychotherapist of cognitive-behavioral orientation, member of the College of Psychologists in Romania, certified for the specialties of Labor and Organizational Psychology, of Transport, Psychology applied in services and in the field of national security. I graduated from systemic therapy training at the Institute for Couple and Family in Iași. I am certified by the Ministry of Labor, Family, Social Protection and Older Persons for the profession of personal development counselor.

I recommend the discussion with a psychologist whenever we want to clarify certain moods, emotional situations that consume a lot of mental space and which often prove to be easy to manage with the right tools; when stress in one’s professional or personal life interferes with everyday functionality.